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News Release

News Release

Casio Announces Logoease Underwater Two-way Radio PADI® Distinctive
Specialty Course

PADI Distinctive Specialty Course to Teach Divers
How to Use the Two-way Radio for Underwater Conversation

Yamagata, Japan, December 13, 2013 — Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd., a manufacturing subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today that its training course on how to use its Logosease compact, underwater two-way radio has been approved as a distinctive specialty by the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). PADI is the world’s leading scuba diver training organization, and all qualifying PADI Instructors can offer the new curriculum as of December 17, 2013.
Logosease is an underwater two-way radio that enables divers to converse by attaching the device to a standard underwater diving mask, enabling conversation with an air regulator in the mouth. Launched in January 2013, Logosease has drawn interest as an innovative device enabling divers to easily enjoy conversing underwater, compared with conventional means or methods requiring special diving equipment for communicating underwater such as writing on slates or using hand signals.
PADI is a worldwide membership organization with three regional headquarters. PADI Members, comprised of approximately 6200 dive centers and resorts and 136,000 dive professionals located in 180 countries, issue nearly one million diver certifications each year. PADI has issued nearly 22 million certifications since its inception in 1966.
Yamagata Casio has developed the new Logosease Divers PADI Distinctive Specialty course, in which qualified PADI Instructors teach divers how to use the Logosease two-way radio effectively as a tool for communicating with each other about the wonders and discoveries of the underwater world. The course also addresses safety awareness and techniques for handling the tool underwater.
Yamagata Casio expects its relationship with PADI to enhance the safety of scuba diving under the direction of PADI Instructors and make the joy of conversing underwater available to more people.
To see the contents, please refer to the PDF file.
•Contents of the course is subject to change without notice.
•The contents of the press release is at the point of our announcement. Due to the end of sales or altering organization, information may be different from the latest one.
•Logosease is a trademark of Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd. The PADI Trademark is used herein with PADI’s permission. Any other company or product names are registered trademarks or trademarks of their respective holders.

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