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Message from the President

Thank you for visiting the web-site of Yamagata Casio.

We, YAMAGATA CASIO, as the only manufacturing base in Japan of CASIO group, hold up “creativity and contribution” as cooperate creed. As represented by timepiece production, we always strive to improve “Made in Japan quality” by pursuing highly reliable manufacturing.

With the most advanced facilities, we have ability to produce CASIO brand products consistently. Under our integrated production system which is a fusion of digital engineering and craftsmanship, all process from mold design and production, plastic molding, processing, decorating to assembling finished products is conducted in-house. Furthermore, based on the cultivated production technology, we play an important role of the “mother factory” which presides production bases in overseas, launches the new products constantly and executes best QCD (Quality, Cost and Delivery) by cost reformation.

Also, being the company who work for original product-development with our own technology, we always create and offer new value.

We emphasize the compliance with laws and ordinance to execute high quality corporate management, and maximize the satisfaction of stakeholders. By achieving this, we contribute to the further development of the society.

Shinichi Kimura

Corporate Profile

Company NameYamagata Casio, Co., Ltd.
EstablishmentOctober 1979
Headquarter5400-1 Higashine-ko, Higashine-city
Yamagata 999-3701 Japan
Phone: +81-237-43-5111
Fax: +81-237-43-2577
Yamanashi Office911-3 Higashibara Ichinomiya-cho,Fuefuki-city
Yamanashi 405-0075 Japan
Phone: +81-553-47-7525
Fax: +81-553-47-4167
Business DescriptionDesign, Manufacture & Sales of Electronic Devices
Capital1.5 billion yen
OwnershipCasio Computer Co., Ltd. 100%
Board MembersPresident & CEO   Shinichi Kimura
Director       Takumi Fukushi
Director       Tetsuya Kawai
Director       Tomoaki Furuya
Auditor        Yasuko Hashimoto
Main ProductsTimepieces, Projectors, Calculator, Medical device, Handy terminal, Marine sports equipment, etc.
Main ClientsCasio Computer Co., Ltd. and Other Casio Related Companies
Main BankYamagata Bank
Fiscal Year-endMarch 31st


Oct.1979Company established.
Apr.1980Operation started. (Manufacturing Calculators and Time pieces)
Oct.1983Plastic molding and Precision Molds business started.
Sep.1985Electronics Manufacturing Service started.
Jul. 1986FA business started.
Dec.1991Communication business started.
Jun. 1992Received TP (Total productivity) Prize.
Dec.1994Received ISO 9001 Certification.
Apr.1996Electric Module Business started.
Nov.1997Received ISO 14001 Certification.
Apr.2000Merged Sanko Denki Co., Ltd.
2002Received TMP Prize.
Nov.2002Received NIKKEI BP;
"2002 Windows Digital Engineering System Award."
Feb.2003Manufacturing of Digital camera started.
Oct.2004Metal Molds factory was enlarged.
Jun.2005Received "Governors Award for Environment Preservation Promotion".
Received "The 16th Aoki-Katashi Award from the Japan society of Polymer Processing".
Oct.2005Received "NIKKEI Monozukuri Award".
Received "TPM Special Award".
Oct.2007Received "Mark of certified company supporting development of next generation".
Aug.2007Received "Monozukuri Japan Award for excellence"
Mar. 2012Establishment of Yamanashi office
2012System device business, consumer business started.
Oct.2012Establishment of YAMAGATA CASIO (THAILAND) Co.,LTD.
Jan.2013Marine system business sales started.
Dec.2013Received "Yamagata Excellent Design 2013 Innovation design Award" (Logosease).
Apr.2014Manufacturing of Data projector started.
Oct.2014Received "Good Design Award"(Logosease).
Jan.2015Selected for "JIDA Design Museum Selection vol.16" (Logosease).
Nov.2015Received "Monozukuri Japan Award Director of Tohoku Bureau of Economy and Industry Prize" (Logosease).
Apr.2018Establishment of dedicated factory for watch.
Aug.2018Automatic assembly line for watch started operation.
Dec.2018Received The second-class marketing license for medical devices, Registered Medical device manufacturing industry registration.
Apr.2019Manufacturing of medical camera (DERMOCAMERA) started.
May.2019Authorized for selling or leasing specially controlled medical devices.
Mar.2020Received Data Management 2020 "Advanced Technology Utilization Award".
Sep.2020Manufacturing of scientific calculator started.
Mar. 2021Received the international standard for medical device quality management systems
ISO 13485 certification.

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  • 75 min.from Osaka(Itami Airport)
  • 70 min.from Sapporo
  • 65 min.from Nagoya

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  • 35 min.from Yamagata
  • 60 min.from Sendai
  • 180 min.from Tokyo

5400-1 Higashine-ko,Higashine-city,
Yamagata 999-3701 Japan