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News Release

News Release

Casio Develops Pocket-Sized Transceiver
for Scuba Diving Use

Offers a Convenient Means for Leisure Divers
to Converse Freely Underwater

Logoseage image
YAMAGATA, JAPAN, November 13, 2012 — Yamagata Casio Co., Ltd., a manufacturing subsidiary of Casio Computer Co., Ltd., announced today that it has applied technologies accumulated through the production of Casio products to develop an underwater transceiver that lets users enjoy spoken conversation when scuba diving. Casio will display a prototype of the new Logosease dive transceiver at the Diving Equipment and Marketing Association Show 2012 in Las Vegas, U.S.A., from November 14.
The Logosease is a transceiver that allows users to have spoken conversations underwater, revolutionizing the diving experience by solving the problem of communication limited to written signs and basic hand signals. With the Logosease, which is small enough to fit into a pocket and attach to the strap of a diving mask, divers can converse normally with the scuba regulator in their mouths. Since a full face mask or any other type of special equipment is unnecessary, the Logosease lets leisure divers converse with ease.

Yamagata Casio plans to continue developing the Logosease in the future as it seeks to offer completely new and enjoyable ways for divers to directly communicate about their exciting experiences discovering the ocean depths.
Main Features of Logosease
Wireless communications enabled by ultrasound and bone conduction technologies
The Logosease employs an ultrasound range of 32 kilohertz to enable wireless communication between users within visual range underwater. Multiple divers can each wear a transceiver and enjoy conversing in a group. The microphone and speaker employ a bone conduction method, and the reception and transmission modes can be switched by lightly tapping the device once.
Built-in digital speech conversion technology
The Logosease modulates garbled underwater speech and transmits it, making it easier to hear using digital speech conversion technology jointly developed with Professor Tetsuo Kosaka of the Yamagata University Graduate School of Science and Engineering. This technology makes it easier to hear the voiced n, m, b and p consonants, which are difficult to pronounce when diving because the nose is blocked by the scuba mask and the air-supplying regulator is in the mouth.
* Underwater voiced speech varies depending on the person and/or surrounding conditions. Yamagata Casio does not guarantee that the Logosease will deliver audible and comprehensible underwater speech.
Compact size with waterproof performance up to 55 meters (180 feet)
Yamagata Casio has applied technologies accumulated through the production of Casio products to realize waterproof performance of up to 55 meters (180 feet) for this transceiver. This is more than sufficient for the basic performance needed for recreational diving, which is limited to a depth of 40 meters (130 feet). Furthermore, the Logosease is compact and lightweight, measuring 89.0 x 41.0 x 44.8 millimeters (3.50 x 1.61 x 1.76 inches) and weighing 107 grams (3.77 ounces), making it possible to attach to the strap of a diving mask.

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